Season Two- Day 52-54

November 12, 2004
Journey to rescue Michael/Encounter with Zeke

Previously on LOST

Day 44- Michael’s son Walt is kidnapped by the Others as they try and leave the island by raft.

Day 50- Michael, while at the computer inside the Sway, receives a message via the computer. Michael believes this message is from his son, Walt.


Ben realizes that he has a tumor on his bottom spine. Ben also knows that Jack is an accomplished spinal surgeon, who could remove his tumor. Ben plan’s is to take Michael hostage as Michael is attempting to rescue his son, Walt. Ben plans on compromising Michael, by agreeing to let him and his son leave the island on one condition. Michael must lead Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley into an ambush, where they will be transported to Hydra, whose facilities are conducive to Ben’s plan (except for Hurley, who is released and returns to the beach camp). Once at the Hydra, Ben will take advantage of Jack’s emotional investment in Kate and Sawyer to coerce him to perform the surgery.


Six days after Michael is taken hostage-

Ben enters the Swan under the guise of a stranded balloonist named Henry Gale. It is uncertain whether Ben conspired with or without the knowledge of Rousseau to accomplish this. It is unlikely that Ben would be traveling toward the Beach camp without a walkie, gun, or with the protection of his forces unless he was intending to be captured. Ben was familiar with the Swan from video feed from the Pearl. It is uncertain whether the video feed had audio, although it is likely.

Ten days after Michael is taken hostage-

Michael is given three minutes alone with Walt, but the visit is cut short when Walt tries to warn Michael that the Other’s camp is fake and they are pretending to be unsophisticated. Michael is told he and Walt will be given their freedom via a boat if Michael not only releases Ben from the Swan, but also leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley into an ambush.

Eleven days after Michael is take hostage-

Michael is released and Jack and Kate find him as they are trying to arrange a prisoner exchange between Ben and Michael. As they now have Michael, no exchange takes place.

November 12, 2004

Synopsis of Day 52

While sitting at the Swan computer, Michael receives instructions to travel north, where he will find Walt. Michael assumes this message is from Walt.

Michael locks Jack and Locke in the Swan’s armory and travels north, leaving the button unguarded.

Kate and Sawyer enter the Swan to change Sawyer’s bandages, enter the numbers and release Jack and Locke from the gun vault.

Jack, Locke, and Sawyer track Michael north. Jack tells Kate to stay behind and take care of the button.

As Jack, Michael, and Locke travel north, Kate has Hurley take care of the button, and then secretly follows the group. It is uncertain why she does this.

The Others capture Kate not far behind the Losties and take her hostage.

Michael happens upon Picket in the jungle and is taken captive by Tom after trying to flee, shooting 4/5 rounds at the Others, who return fire prior to capturing him..

The Others capture Kate not far behind the Losties and take her hostage.

Michael has a hood placed over his head, taken to the Others camp where Kate is also taken.

The Others capture Kate not far behind the Losties and take her hostage

Jack, Locke, and Sawyer encounter the Others as they lose Michaels trail.

The Others use Kate as a bargaining chip to force the Losties back without Michael.

Kate is released to the Losties for their weapons and agreement to go back to their beach camp.

Tom tells the Losties to consider a line drawn at their encounter, which they should not cross in the future, or suffer consequences.

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer start back to the beach camp.

November 13, 2004

Synopsis of Day 53

Michael travels toward the fake camp without a hood or gag. The Others do this purposely to allow Michael the knowledge of where the fake camp is, since it is their plan for him to attempt to return as he sets up an ambush.

Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate return to the beach camp. Kate tells Jack she’s sorry she disobeyed him and followed the group. Jack tells Kate he’s also sorry she did.

Upon reaching the beach camp, Jack asks Ana-Lucia how long it would take to train an army.

November 14, 2004

Synopsis of Day 54

Michael, arrives at the Other’s fake camp without a hood. Michael is purposely let known where and how to reach the fake camp. Michael is introduced to Ms. Klugh, who questions Michael about Walt.

Season two Day 52 thru 54 November 12, 2004 - November 14, 2004

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